Why Startups Should Schedule a Consultation for a Custom Software Solution

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Software development solutions can kick start your new IT business and developing a perfect and customized solution can help you cut through the competition. But if things go wrong, then your startup may become another failure on the digital scrapheap with poor codes, wrong ideas and other development issues. Doing your homework before starting a project is very important as there are various things to consider that would make your business application functional and perfect.

Creating a customized solution is the first step that you should consider as not all businesses are same and neither are their requirements. India has various options available when it comes to developing a custom software application. When you ask for quotes from several companies, you are sure to get a wide range of budget variation for the same type of job. But before you start, a free consultation with the qualified professional is a must.

Since choosing a custom software development company is of course a big decision, it has a direct impact on the outcome of your finished product.

Here in this article, we will discuss with you what are the things that you should consult before finalizing the perfect partnership.

What is the initial step that you take before starting a project?

This question will help you to discover more about the customer software development company like what they would do initially to create a product that will address your specific needs. A good company will initially focus on your business requirements rather than the technology part. They will surely go for a meeting to understand the requirements.

How do you set your project timelines?

Before you start with a project, it is important to clear on timelines. During the consultation, you can come to know about the way the company calculates the time, which should be completely transparent. And in case of changes or delay, make sure the way they will calculate cost related to the proposed timeline.

What will be the software development model that the company would use?

All customer software development companies have their own management styles of developing their projects. Whether it is a waterfall or agile, it is very important that the model suits your company’s working style. Project managers usually prefer to use agile, since it helps the client to offer feedback throughout the entire project development and also helps to keep the cost down.

How many developers will be assigned to the project?

Understanding the size of the developer’s team who will work on your project will help you to assess the capabilities and the approximate time needed to complete the project. Though only a selected team should work on your project, but it is important to ensure that in case of any developer’s unavailability, your project does not get delayed. If the company doesn’t have ample resources to handle the demands, delays may be a great possibility.

What is the success of previous software development projects?

Any reliable custom software development company would have a portfolio that is full of their success stories. In order to check whether the company is fit for you, you can ask them to show the results that they provided before. Don’t hesitate to ask for any reference contacts for other customers. You can get in touch with them later on to get the exact feedback about the company.

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