Who is Sanjay Nair?

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I have always found very difficult to explain this question as I find myself to be just a small part of the infinite universe. My existence is just a small drop in the large ocean. I am evolving continuously and I am trying to understand my life’s purpose as I am spending time in this transitory place called Mother Earth.

Who is Sanjay Nair: More than the linear window

Linearly if I want to describe myself then my name is Sanjay Nair, I have done my B.Pharm & M.B.A with 8 & ½ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry with 7 & ½ years in product management. Thereafter from the year 2007, I am involved with project-9 and the rise of womanhood website as per my soul’s calling. After all these years, I have realized quite clearly that my existence is “not just about” me and therefore I feel it is very shallow to see myself from a linear window.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Systems Window

When I see myself through systems window then I clearly understand my purpose on earth and how to progress towards achieving the same. This evolution has been happening till now and this will continue to happen as I move ahead in my life. To just give an idea about what I have mentioned above, let me explain my academic & professional life till now through systems window.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The first attraction towards the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals

When I was in class ninth, I saw a program on T.V (1988) on pharmaceutical Industry. Those days it was just Doordarshan and this program that was shown on Doordarshan strongly made an impact on me. It was registered in my subconscious mind in a positive manner. After class 10, I opted for Biology, Chemistry & Physics as subjects. I developed a natural inclination to Biology & Chemistry and started doing self-study on these subjects with great interest.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Fascination and inclination towards Life Sciences and Chemistry

In class 11th when we had to submit biology project, I made a 3D structure of cell membrane which was adjudicated the best project in the class and this was the only model that was kept in the biology lab by my lady biology teacher, Tandon Madam. (1990-Kendriya Vidyalaya, 1 STC Jabalpur). In class 12th (1991-Kendriya Vidyalaya, Cantonment Area Cannanore) I liked my biology teacher Ms.Srilekha Kumaran very much. In one of the class tests I did very well with my paper. This paper I had written with my applied thought elaborating each answer in depth. After correction of the paper my biology teacher called me and told that I had great capacity of understanding the subject “biology” and I should enhance this power continuously. She said that she was surprised to see the way I had written the paper. She said she never expected this out of me. This was the turning point in my life towards self-discovery. I wrote my 12th board with just 2 months of continuous self-study, understanding each subject that is biology, chemistry and physics in depth. I scored highest in Biology in the board exams among all my papers.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences

After 12th, I had a choice to go for either Hotel Management or Pharmacy. I remembered the program that I had seen on T.V in 1988. I also remembered how I had a liking for Biology and Chemistry. I just opted for pharmacy (N.G.S.M College of Pharmacy, Mangalore) without any further thought. My liking for Biology and Chemistry helped me to understand each subject in my pharmacy course in depth and apply it in my theory and practical examinations. I developed great liking for Human physiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Microbiology. I had great equations with my pharmacology professor Mr. David Banjee and I had great fascination for my analytical chemistry professor Ms. Krishna priya. I also fondly remember my pharmaceutics and pharmacognosy professors, Ms.Geeta & Ms.Shanti respectively.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Degree in Management

After my B.Pharm, I developed a fascination for serving in the corporate in Pharmaceutical industry. I remember telling my classmates in B.Pharm that I would like to either get in the industry directly as a medical representative or I will do my M.B.A and I shall get into product management in the industry. I went on to do my M.B.A from VAMNICOM in Pune and then got into the industry. The M.B.A gave me a stereoscopic vision along with my science background. So one eye was the “eye of science” and the second eye became the “eye of business management”.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The foundation years

Next 8 & ½ years in the industry were just like magic in my life. I have been traveling my life’s path with great focus. I acquired great management and scientific insights in these years, which I had applied throughout my career to “achieve results of magical proportions”. These were the years where I developed a deep interest and experience in path breaking management principles like “execution” as well as great scientific abilities to understand and communicate “intrinsic strengths” of a pharmaceutical molecule in depth.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Scientific insight for the betterment of humanity

Somehow new molecules and drugs just came in my life waiting to be explored and to be made into big brands in the last 8 & ½ years of my career. I cannot believe now that I was somehow instrumental in turning the NSAID market upside down in India. I have been also associated with cardiac medicine very closely and even during handling NSAIDs in my last assignment, the positive turn around came for the NSAID brand (Aceclofenac) that I was handling because of my identification of the cardiac side effects of a class of NSAIDs called as COXIBs and attacking it directly with all international scientific evidence meanwhile also positioning the unique safety and efficacy of Aceclofenac as a NSAID with more than 10 years of clinical evidence.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Gaining depth in the practice of management

On the other hand I also got great management books in my hand including “Execution” by Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan, “The Fifth Discipline” by Peter Senge “Winning” by Jack Welch and understood the concepts of strategy and execution in detail. I also understood the importance of Human resource management in great detail during my product management career. I not only understood and assimilated but also practically applied these concepts and principles in my professional and personal life.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The years of change

The years 2006 and 2007 was very dissatisfying years as I was somehow not able to move towards my life’s vision and purpose. There was a great turmoil in my internal and external environment. I learned great lessons and developed great insights about how I was struck in the vicious and negative reinforcing structures partly which I was responsible for creating in the first place. I quit my last job and pushed myself to achieve my life’s vision and purpose. I had identified my life’s vision and purpose. I had opted to pursue my vision with creative tension rather than emotional tension. This has given me great strength to prepare the initial blueprint for “PROJECT-9” as well the determination to put continual efforts towards the rise of womanhood website.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The stereoscopic vision of science and management

As I had moved towards preparing PROJECT-9, I could appreciate now my training in Science (especially biology & Chemistry and its application in Cellular & Molecular Biology based Drug Discovery process in cardiac medicine) & Management (Learning Organization based on fifth discipline) and how they are helping me to move forward with Project-9. As I had mentioned before, Science & Management are giving me a stereoscopic vision to understand the complex drug discovery process based on dynamic and detail complexity as well as the systemic structure of the generative and creative learning organization respectively.

Who is Sanjay Nair: The “rise of womanhood” website

Further the rise of womanhood website on which I am currently working is an effort to take project-9 to the larger world especially “women” with a message of a new beginning for creative and generative living. The rise of womanhood website shall galvanise a worldwide force towards awakening of the feminine. The creation of a learning organization based on project-9 will be one of the manifestations of this feminine awakening.

Who is Sanjay Nair: Movement towards life’s purpose

That was a glimpse of “real Sanjay Nair” from the systems window perspective. There are many more perspectives. All of them are anyway fitting as per the need of the universe just like all the pieces of a Jigsaw puzzle. I am moving in a magical way towards discovering and fulfilling my life’s purpose.

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