Who Can Use the Services of RightFax?

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Do you have a fax machine? Does your business fax at all throughout your business day? If you answer yes to any of these questions than RightFax might be the software that you are looking for. Sure we can do a lot of different things in regards to faxing and transferring files from one place to another. This simple process is not the same when a large amount of people are trying to use the fax machines at the same time. Not only does this cause downtime at work but also a lot of extra ink and paper that you potentially can save.

Problems that RightFax software solves

Printing from the fax machine happens all the time and people have it in their minds that they can only print from their fax machine. This is actually wrong. What if I told you that you can turn the faxed information into PDF files and then print it out from your computer? Are you surprised that something like this exist? RightFax helps companies and people in general set up their faxing where they can receive faxes right onto their computer as a PDF file. If they need to print it out then they can do so by printing the PDF.

Wasting a lot of paper and ink by constantly printing out what people send you. Over 80% of the material that is sent to you does not need to be printed out. If you had the option of reading the papers first then you can decide whether it needs to be printed out or now. This gives you the flexibility of printing the item which means a paper saved since you usually will throw those away at the end anyways.

There you go, you can help utilize the services of RightFax to help you save more money and time with the integration that this program provides. Being able to email out a fax is much simpler than typing in a series of numbers and then scanning your papers through it.

RightFax also helps the working environment by boosting performances of your employees. Now they do not have to get up to go to the fax machine every time there is a fax. They also won’t have the hassle of waiting for their specific fax to come if there are multiple people assigned to one fax machine. Furthermore they are able to respond faster to their customers and help them get the questions answered. Either way if you have a fax machine in your business, RightFax might be the choice for you.

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