What Will Dubailand Be Like When Complete?

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As one of the most anticipated projects on the Dubai property market, Dubailand is set to be another city within the city, featuring the best in attractions, entertainment, living and lifestyle facilities. Dubai is already one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, but with the introduction of Dubailand, it hopes to propel itself towards an even more booming tourist trade. The big question, now that construction is underway, is will Dubailand bring the right kind of business to the Emirate, or will it devalue Dubai from a luxury holiday hotspot to a tacky package holiday place. Only time will tell….

What will Dubailand bring to Dubai property?

Dubailand will feature almost fifty sub-developments within the project, some of which will provide more freehold property for a booming Dubai property market. The Villa, Living Legends, Plantation and Al Kaheel are the properties that are leading the way, with construction already starting and buyers showing massive interest in these luxury properties. As there is a shortage of villas on the Dubai property market, these sub-developments will provide some much-needed villas to a short supply. There will also be numerous apartment projects within Dubailand, such as Wadi Walk and a number of individual buildings within Dubai Sports City, just one of the many attractions within the project.

It’s all about entertainment at Dubailand

The main idea of Dubailand is that it will be split into seven different areas, with freehold developments spread out across the whole space. Theme parks, shopping, leisure, sports, education and so much more will keep residents and visitors entertained, and we personally look forward to seeing all the different academies that will be part of Dubai Sports City, a unique sub-development that caters to everything sport, and will be a great attraction to all sports enthusiasts. The master plan of Dubailand is not set to be complete until 2018, but we can at least look forward to the first phase of this huge venture by Dubai Holdings, set to be finished in 2010, which is not too far away. Until then, we have all the other exciting projects that are ongoing in the Dubai property market t keep us busy! For more information on Dubai property and buying your Dubai real estate, please contact us.

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