What Role Do Business Directories Play in Indian Export Business?

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There are many things going on in the backdrop of the Indian economy that are favoring the growth of India as a key player in the global economic setup. The small and medium enterprises are getting stronger, the value of Indian export goods is rising steadily and the Indian exporters are finding news ways to take their businesses to the international level.

If you analyze carefully, all these things are interrelated to one another. The growth of small and medium enterprises is contributing toward the increase in Indian exports and the exporters from the country are utilizing the concepts like online business directory promotion. And all these things are boosting the demand of Indian goods in the foreign market. As a result, the export industry is increasing its share in the total GDP of the country.

Business directories and Indian liberalization policy came into virtue within the same period. The liberalization policy adopted by the Indian government in the early 1990s allowed the exporters from India to go beyond geographical boundaries and sell their products in the international markets. The internet grew in popularity in the 1990s and the concept of online business directory promotion came into being.

The Indian traders, especially those with small exporting power, required a platform that could help them in extending their reach to different countries. The online business directories seemed to serve the purpose and that too, in a cost-effective manner. Rather than posting at trading directories of different countries, a business directory allows the traders from different countries to join the same place. The exporters India has today are using these directories to post their sell leads that become visible to the interested buyers in different parts of the world.

Here are some benefits that online business directories offer to the Indian exporters to achieve success in their business:

  • Building long term relationship with retailers and wholesalers is possible by selling trade lead at online b2b business directories. These buyers may be located nationally as well as internationally.
  • It has become easy for the exporters from India to stay in the competition. Going a step further, their presence at online directories helps them to attract customers of their rivals.
  • These directories help the exporters to maintain their product catalogs and update them with new products launched by the manufacturers. Traditionally, it would take time to inform the global buyers about the new products that these exporters have to sell.
  • Receiving queries from interested buyers is fast and easy with an online directory. You don’t have to rely upon traditional methods that would delay the inquiries and orders of buyers. Online forms can be filled by the buyers to contact the exporters.
  • With the help of online directories, the exporters can easily refer to the demand of the buyers from different countries. This is because an online business directory allows the buyers to post their buy leads and the exporters who have the required products can immediately contact the buyers.

So, the online business directories are acting as the right platform for the Indian exporters to grow like never before. It is indeed a great advantage that internet technology is contributing towards economical growth of the countries like India.

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