What Is FHTM?

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FHTM or Fortune Hi Tech marketing is a network marketing (MLM) company that was started in 2001 by Paul Orboson in Lexington Kentucky.. According to the Direct Selling Association, multi-level marketing is defined as “A compensation system within direct selling, where a distributor/salesperson can earn money not only on their own personal sales, and not only on the sales of a person personally recruited by them, but also on sales of persons recruited by their personal recruits.” With MLM companies coming and going, the fact that this company is still around at the time of this writing is a good thing. FHTM is strong with about 45,000 distributors in the United States, Canada, and The United Kingdom.


FHTM has a lot of products that can be sold by its representatives. The legitimacy of the products has been questioned because a lot of them are priced higher than what you may find at more traditional retail establishments. Just because they are more expensive doesn’t mean that the company is doing anything wrong, they just need the money to pay out in the form of commissions to it’s representatives. The nice thing about this company is that there are a wide range of products and services for it’s reps to sell. They include health and beauty products, subscriptions to Dish Network and even alarm systems for your home. It’s a great thing to have the freedom to sell whatever product you want.

The Money

To start your FHTM business it will cost you $299 but when you are starting as a rep you are encouraged to join at the higher package which costs $698. This allows you to be a manager and a training coach. The fees cover all the materials and support. There are plenty of add on costs you could choose to purchase such as websites, but you will be required to purchase 3 products or services being offered by FHTM.

Before You Rush to Signup

FHTM may be the greatest MLM company on the planet, but in order to be successful you will have to put in a lot of time and energy to learn the art of internet lead generation. The old days of network may still work, but instead of bothering your friends, family and neighbors, why not tap into the millions of people on the internet that actually care about what you are selling. In order to learn more about generating tons of leads online you will need to find a coach that can show you the way. Internet lead generation is the quickest way to build your downline in any business opportunity.

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