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There are several topical issues of life that concerns each and every individual on the face of this planet earth.

For the sake of not wanting to impose too long on your reading time, I will elaborate on just two (2) points of the facts today! Let me break them down a bit:

1) Making a living yes…Always these dead-line bills to be paid, like the mortgage, the rent and all those reoccurring monthly transactions. If these aren’t some of life sure issues to deal with, then count me as ignorant to all facts regarding entire life issues!

Because you and I know quite well as a sure fact that there can be some very tedious frustrating financial dilemmas in meeting the demands of these bills getting paid coming around every month-end

2) Empowered to self-sufficiency

The means to be empowered to fulfill these commitments…The self-sufficiency of having more than enough, to be able to take charge of your monthly commitments without getting into a fluster of running short of finances to complete the demands..

For instance, do you have a job and if you do, is it the kind of job that you’re satisfied with?!

Does this job supply all of your monthly needs whereby you still can remain with left-overs? I assume you understand my term left-overs. I suppose by now you are getting the picture I am trying to paint before your eyes…

Look at a following “left over scenario”…

Imagine having more than enough money ( left overs ) to spend for a good enjoyable week-end starting out with a dinner for two(2) at some very sophisticated top of the line restaurant, preceding a visit to a theater featuring a top comedian act where you are having a good enjoyable laughter getting your mind freed up from the stress of everyday life issues…

Now I can go on and on concerning these issues, but that would not be helping you much right now…I would rather present you with motivational theories that will assist you with profitable benefits as you attempt positively to implement the suggested proposals for the solutions!

As you practically apply these methods, I guarantee you will wholesomely reap the fruitful benefits of a rewarding life!

Pertaining to the issue concerning your job; if it’s not supplying all of your needs, but barely making ends meet, then you’re in a J.O.B situation. ( Just over broke). At this point it is advisable to start considering having to make an urgent change concerning this situation…

This should be a radical change for new positive results to your mind and your way of thinking!

I term it: your decision making towards a one complete mind change settings!!

Look at it this way… It’s what the mind is dwelling on, could be most probably that issue which is holding you back; if there is a doubt in yourself or fear of making certain career changes or if the very idea of achieving real success scares the hell out of you, then these very factors could be the big hinder to your profitable progress in life…

Yes… You read me right; you may or you may not imagine how many a times you were just only one daring bold making decision away from your breakthrough in life?!?

And that all was only because you lacked that one ounce of a courage to make it over to a higher level threshold of the real rewarding life benefits…

So here is where I now enter as a counseling role model in your life today. I will be remodeling my examples and theories to you in an educative fashion that can only raise your expectancy level to a sure possibility in accomplishing a very successful and wealthy life style!

This could be your appointed season to finally settle the score with those hazardous challenges of your mind.

One good word of advice…Don’t run away from your challenges…Actually challenges are stepping stones to your progress in life, they have the ability to make you mentally stronger and stronger…

Challenges can come with a purpose to your life as to aid in propelling you into your successful destiny that may be awaiting you just around the corner…!

Challenges can have the ability in motivating you into a business mind setting, which in turn will most certainly motivate you positively in taking charge of issues pertaining to your daily life habits.

For example…Don’t be surprised when all of a sudden you finally find yourself feeling so very motivated and encouraged as to check into the possibility of your online marketing education which is actually something you have been thinking and even dreaming of some times, but you just lacked the motivation, the courage and the theory factor regarding the entire internet online marketing world.

Especially not forgetting the inclusive business ventures and the continuing innovative objectives of this industry with an objective for enhancing lucrative career activities by a continuous creation of unique and intriguing inventions!

This type of career will most certainly replace you from a just over broke position(J.O.B) to a position of self-sufficiency! Having more than enough!

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