The Need for Carpet Cleaning Training

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If you are thinking of engaging in the carpet cleaning business, then carpet cleaning training is in order. This is especially so if you have limited knowledge and exposure in this area. And in order to make your skills more marketable, it is advised that you take an IICRC accredited course. Upon completing this and passing the exam, you will be awarded a certificate. This is proof of your knowledge and competency in the accepted procedures in carpet cleaning.

Although many are of the belief that carpet cleaning is a simple process of applying shampoo and using a strong vacuum cleaner, those in the know are aware of the complications. Applying the wrong chemicals or using an inappropriate procedure may ruin the carpet permanently. This will lead to replacement, which is more expensive. For this reason, certified cleaners are sought by commercial establishments requiring consistent professional results. And more often than not, these professionals have undergone some form of training in order to acquire the necessary procedural and equipment handling skills called for in carpet cleaning.

The Scope of Carpet Cleaning Training

The training includes an in-depth discussion of different types of carpets – the construction, material, and dyeing. Identification of the different types of fiber used is also taught. Knowledge of these factors is essential since they have a bearing on how the carpet should be cleaned as well as how spots and stains are removed.

The training curriculum also includes customer handling. In the business world, this is quite important since a faux pas in this area will ruin your reputation and it will reduce your chance of success. For this reason, the proper explanation of the procedure, the risks involved, and the management of customer expectation is covered in the training.

Spot and stain removal is given emphasis. In the household setting, it is usually the stubborn spots and stains which prompt the homeowner to seek professional help. These unsightly marks are even more plentiful in the commercial setting. Naturally, it is expected that the cleaner has the capability of removing these unwanted and ugly blemishes.

Carpet cleaning training will not be complete without a discussion of the equipment and chemicals used. In this regard, it is best that you choose a training provider which does not sell or promote a particular line of equipment or chemicals. This will ensure that there is no bias in the discussion of these topics.

Other Related Courses

Most training providers also offer related courses such as Advance Stain Removal, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning, and Water Damage Training. Your decision to take up any of these courses should depend on the demand for that particular skill. If your area is prone to flooding or there seems to be a large requirement for water damage restoration, then taking specialized training in this area is in order.

There is a lot of earning potential in the carpet cleaning business. You may go into it on your own or via franchise. But regardless, it is best that you are knowledgeable of carpet cleaning procedures and skills. Hence, training is advised.

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