The Conditions Are Now Perfect To Switch To Cisco Phone Systems

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For a long time now most business owners have known Cisco is the best when it comes to switching equipment and phone systems. The cost made this “Rolls Royce” solution out of reach for most small and medium business.

The great news is that this has now changed.

Around 5 years ago, Cisco introduced the Smart Business Communications solution using the UC520 for small and medium business. This solution had all the “bells and whistles” of a top end Cisco solution at a competitive price.

The UC520 was still out of the reach of most small businesses with between 4 -16 end users. This was partly due to customers already having an existing data network and only having basic phone system requirements.

Cisco has now introduced the UC320. The major change is that this solution is targeted for a single site customer. This has allowed Cisco to significantly reduce the price of the system but retain all the inherent benefits of a Cisco solution. This has made the UC320 extremely good value and cheaper than most of its competitors whilst retaining all the features that a small business could possible use.

Target Customer Profile

The sweet spot for the UC320 is between 4 – 16 users. The solution is perfect for any business that;

· Requires a basic telephone system – Key System or PBX, or

· Greenfield or Key System replacement

Most businesses would benefit from voicemail, hunt group or auto attendant. This was previously out of reach on all other brands due to cost. These features are standard on the UC320. This solution stands apart from almost all of its competitors when it comes to data integration (wired and wireless). The UC320 is a unified communications system that brings together voice, data, and wireless communications. The key purchase decision factor for small business is price and service.


The UC320 is designed and built specifically for Small Business.

· It is a unified communications system that brings together voice, data, and wireless communications

· Comes with an enhanced communications feature set at no extra charge

· Affordable, easy to install and use

· Delivers reliable, business-class performance

· Delivered and supported by Cisco, a trusted brand and the world leader in networking and communications

What’s under the Hood

The UC320 provides the following;

· 1 to 24 IP Telephones

· VoIP capable

· Up to 12 PSTN trunks (4 built-in)

· Up to 8 BRI trunks

· Key System and PBX mode

· Day/Night Ring mode

· Automated Attendant (2×9 menu)

· Internal Voice Mail

· Voice to email notification with audio file

· Music on Hold – Internal or external

· Business Call Control Features (Shared Line Call Appearance, Call Forwarding etc.)


The conditions are now perfect to upgrade your communications infrastructure to the Cisco brand. This solution is designed specifically for single site small businesses with up to 25 users. Cisco has set the price point of this solution to come well under its competitors with similar features. If you put this together with the high Australian Dollar, there has never been a better time to make the switch to CISCO.

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