The Benefits of Regular Email Newsletters for Small Business

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Sometimes, in the attempt of small businesses to target new customers, they tend to neglect the importance of other marketing strategies such as with email newsletters. Though, it is not considered one of the strongest, studies still shows that sending email newsletters is still one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of online marketing strategies that have provided high return of investments.

When it comes to numbers, emailing is still the biggest social network online. No one who uses the internet does not use any email. In fact, it remains one of the first things that anyone would have to enter when signing up online, either for their social networking account, or signing up for any website they want to be a member of.

Other sites also allow users to sign up using a social media platform, such as Twitter and Facebook, but what many do not realize is that business sites do this in order for them to have easy access of emailing newsletters for their new members. And while many social media platforms may come and go or swarm the business world, but email marketing will stay and is still such a powerful tool for small businesses.

Other benefits of email newsletters include:

Sending email newsletters is very economical.

Unlike Facebook where a business page needs to spend out first before all their friend’s list and followers can see their ads, or Twitter where updates are just limited to 140 characters, sending something promotional through email newsletters is very cost effective.

Plus, small businesses do not need any more to hire SEO or marketing experts to create any email campaign. Most email newsletter sites leave users with a blank template, and it would be up to their imagination and creativity to make their newsletters as informative and as enticing as they want it to be. Converting promotions into an email format is not only cost-effective, but it is also quick and easy, encouraging more business revenue.

Email newsletters can provide added value to the business.

The vast majority of customers make online shopping decisions right after acquiring information from a website. However, there are times that websites neglect to put vital information that customers might also want to know. For instance, an email newsletter can include history information, ingredients or materials a product is made of, and exclusivity of a service. All these can be sent through email newsletters together with a link that leads back to the website where the reader can purchase the product or service they just read about.

Sending email newsletter does not only build traffic back to a website, but it also fills up any empty spaces that most small business’ site misses out. It also provides customers a full understanding of how a business as well as their products and services can benefit them.

Email newsletters can increase sales revenue.

Most of the time email newsletters become an uninteresting flop of information that most customers tent to ignore, delete, archive, or unsubscribe. This is probably true to small business who does not know what customers like to be receiving from their newsletters.

Customers want to read about opportunities that would lead them into potentially purchasing the products or taking the services. These opportunities can be as big as contest raffles, down to discount coupons that only those who receive these newsletters can avail. Anything that readers can take advantage of to make their lives a bit happier, they will be more than likely to jump on board without hesitations.

Giving back what the customers desire through incentives is a great promotional strategy for them to make a new or additional purchase. However, business must take note that this can only be done either through a monthly basis, or twice a month at least, in order for customers to keep wanting for more and to build anticipation as well.

Company newsletters build brand awareness.

Brand awareness is something hard to achieve, especially if a business is still starting up or is competing with other similar products. By having a memorable brand stand out, a business can increase its chance that their customer will purchase from them when presented with another known brand.

So, how do businesses achieve this? First is through brand recall and brand recognition. The two can be incorporated into one through email newsletters. By sending regular email updates about relevant information, company’s tagline, visions, and anything that can attribute to the business will eventually demonstrate a connection between the customers. The more they know about the business, they more they become aware and trust and loyalty will suddenly follow. After all, customers will be likely to purchase items from companies they know, than those they barely are familiar with.

Company Newsletters fulfill expectations

Consistency is the game when it comes to email newsletters, which one of the benefits of hiring an email marketing company. The reason why most users subscribe to an email list is because they want to hear from the business. So, when a business promises they will send out email newsletters daily, monthly, or any schedule they vouched for, they have to keep it, because more than likely readers will be expecting it from them. Take, for example, the traditional magazine subscriptions most people have, if a magazine says they will send a new copy ever month; tendency is that a subscriber will expect it or would even wait in front of their houses for their mail, just so they can grab the newest copy; same goes with email newsletters.

One thing that small businesses should never miss out is to maintain a positive contact with their customers. Sending regular email newsletters builds trust between their audiences, and it is the same trust that can pitch any business into the pedestal.

Email newsletters give a huge presentation of a business, which is why; it should not only catch customer’s attention, but it should be as informative and generous as it should be. Promotions through incentive are a great form of generosity. Giving the customers back what they deserve in the first place will keep customers keep coming back. Nonetheless, the vital component of email newsletters is consistency. Sending email newsletters at a consistent pace will not only educate customers, boost sales, but it will also build lasting relationships with existing and potential customers while saving time, effort and money all at the same time.

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