Squidoo Secrets – Get Non-Stop Traffic to Your Work at Home Business

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You can easily learn how to use Squidoo to generate non-stop traffic to your work at home business. Squidoo is a social networking site, yet from an internet marketing perspective, is quite different from other social bookmarking sites. So why are so many internet home business entrepreneurs so obsessed by this unique leading web 2.0 property?

One main difference is that with Squidoo you can sell blatantly without worrying about someone shutting you down. Another feature of Squidoo lies in that it is a social networking site for adults so you won’t find flashing graphics like those in MySpace. It’s quite a good place for grown up work at home business owners to interact among themselves.

Squidoo lets you create what’s called a lens, which is basically an information portal about any topic you wish to write about. You just sign up and create as many lenses and categories as you like. You can use these lenses to generate very targeted traffic to your internet home business sites.

After you have created your lenses and targeted it to your work at home business niche, you then start the socializing with other marketers on this social networking site.

The secret to create a good Squidoo lens is to provide good and useful information to people in your niche who look for this information. By using a good landing page, you can effectively drive a lot of targeted traffic to your online home business opportunity. If you are already a well known internet marketer, more people will buy an affiliate product based on your recommendation.

How To Generate Traffic Using Your Squidoo Lens

1. It is extremely important to put the keywords being targeted in your lens title.

This is because lenses are pages too therefore they can rank in the search engines just like your internet home business home page.

2. Select a URL for a lens with your primary keywords. Just remember that this will help your search engine rankings too, because that URL is what you’ll link to from other web pages.

3. “Tag” your lens with your other long tail keywords. Do look for the Squidoo lens creation wizard to let you do this when you are first setting up your lens.

4. One of the most important things you ought to remember is to add an RSS feed so as to make your lens popular with search engines. There’s a Squidoo module for RSS feeds. Many search engines just love that kind of unique and frequently changing content.

5. Update your lens a few times a week at least. There is no necessity to make major changes but simple ones and thereafter click “publish”. Although an RSS feed will help this, it is equally important that you also add new contents in your lens.

6 Linking your related lenses to each other is another good technique known to be a good traffic building tip. In this way you also build more links which means more visitors and ultimately giving your Squidoo lenses higher ranking

7. Create more specialized lenses based on long tail keywords in your niche. Start to dominate your keywords for your niche. If you have a lens on work at home business, for example, you should now create a more specialized one like “Work At Home Business For Retirees”.

8. Use your lens as though it’s your blog and link to your internet home business sites. This is such an easy but powerful technique to use. Search engines just love Squidoo and therefore links from high-ranking lenses to your work at home business site can really help boost traffic.

9. Remember that Squidoo is also a social networking site so get sociable by visiting other internet marketer’s lenses to give comments on their guest book. At the same time you will also get some backlinks generating traffic for yourself too.

10. It is really important not only having proper keywords in your lens, but also to add many keywords to your lens. If your lens sells a product, more traffic means more sales. It is important to check out what keywords other people are using in search engines to arrive at your lens and just add those keywords to your list

11. Make your lens useful. One good way to make your lens useful is to present your thoughts and information as a “how-to” lesson within your topic. This makes it neat and helps you build a good lens that people can find what they are looking for easily.

You may take some time to get familiar with creating your squidoo lenses, but many people find it easy to learn. There are others who get addicted in creating interesting lenses to promote their home business opportunities after seeing the increased traffic. It’s no wonder many people have grown to love Squidoo and can’t stop creating lenses for their work at home business.

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