Online Recruitment Is Here To Stay

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Gone are the days when people used to encircle job listings in newspapers and wait for interview calls. Finding a job in India has become so much easier after the web has entered the public domain, says RK Sachdeva, CEO, Tecumseh India Pvt Ltd. He goes on to add that e-recruitment has a major role to play in the hiring of a manpower of 2000 which is a part of the Indian branch of this multi national company.

The Wikipedia encyclopedia defines the ‘World Wide Web’ as a global, read-write information space. Indeed it is this space that has enabled us to connect and interact with people across the globe, in a matter of a few minutes. Amongst the population of these web-users are a number of employees and employers.

In today’s world of liberalization and globalization, the internet provides the workforce with a common platform to interact and communicate. Time plays a very crucial role in the progressive economy and e-recruitment ensures that hiring is a convenient process.

TV18 took up a 50% stake in India which is an online recruitment company., which is a part of India’s biggest media house The Times of India, broke away from its tie up with Career Builder of the US and has emerged to be the second biggest online recruitment agency. Facts like these establish the point that the Indian workforce is utilizing the web to improve its career prospects.

Employer’s Advantage

Online recruitment is the only medium through which an employer can post a job listing in a few minutes. Responses received are rapid and detailed too. The benefits availed by the employers are various. Employers have the opportunity to provide all the qualifications and characteristics that are necessary for a job. This ensures that only those who are qualified and capable are called for an interview. Right from the initial stages, both parties know and specify exactly what they are looking for. Hence, the time spent on hiring is reduced by as much as 65%. Also, in critical situations, companies can fulfill their manpower requirements through online recruitment portals.

Jobseeker’s Advantage

The jobseekers too can post their resumes on jobsites and receive quick responses to their job applications. You might be satisfied with your current work situation, but you can constantly be a part of the job market and receive updates concerning better options and opportunities. One always has the option of going through the job listings in the mail inbox. The hassle of running around and waiting for interview calls is prevented. You could be sitting in New Delhi and searching for a job in Bangalore or Calcutta. Hence, geographical barriers are broken.

Prevention of bias and inequality

After contact is established between an employee and an employer, the internet ensures that there is quick exchange of information between them. All the candidates are treated equally and merit is the basis on which a person gets a job. Therefore, the process is fair and employees are not victims of personal bias and preferences. Only quality candidates are interviewed through this method. Similarly, since there is no regulation on which companies are allowed to post job listings, big and small companies are alike and can search for qualified candidates through the same medium.

The preparation of resumes and the posting of jobs, the interview calls and the salary negotiations-the procedure involved in hiring remains the same. The internet just ensures that the process is more efficient and beneficial for both the employees and the employers.

Most importantly, this entire process is for free. You do not need to pay any money to post resumes and be a part of the job market. It’s a financially beneficial practice for the employers too.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India conducted a survey on online recruitment and concluded that the number of Indians seeking jobs online is expected to cross 9.2 million in the year 2006-2007. This signifies that online recruitment is definitely here to stay!

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