Online Freelance Writing – The Most in Demand Career As a Freelancer – A Great Income Builder

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An Online Freelance writer is a self employed artist or journalist who sells services as an uncommitted independent writer. In the Freelance profession, writing skill is the most demanding opportunity. When it comes to the Internet, the introduction of websites and blogs to promote everything, and the need of fresh and relevant content has increased the freelance writer jobs to the top. Online freelance writing demand has more than doubled.

In fact online content writing is fast becoming one of the major source of freelance writing assignments. Other freelancers, such as freelance photographers, freelance web designer and graphic artists are also facing a great demand in their profession.

There are plenty of jobs for online freelance writing, this does not mean you will be getting a fair share of them, you still have to compete with a lot of freelance writers for jobs. You have to stay active smartly in writing competition. 80/20 rule applies in freelance writing. 20 % of all the freelancers get all outstanding good paying freelance writers jobs where as 80% of the freelance writers get average paying freelance writing job. But if you observe the market and pursue career properly with the current trends you can be in the 20% of the online freelance writers.

Do the following:

1. Do not accept low priced projects:

If you started following this pattern and started taking projects that are priced lower than the market rate, you will get a reputation of accepting cheaper price of your hard work. Do not fall in this trap. Be justified to yourself and charge a price that is acceptable to you happily. A price too high might at times end up losing the project to another low priced freelancer and therefore, stay in the norms.

2. Use advertising and marketing strategies to promote yourself:

Use both online and offline advertising and marketing campaigns to let everyone know that you are a freelance writer, is important. The more people will know you the more assignments you will get and you will be able to choose the reasonable priced ones. Off line, pass your card to everyone you know. Self marketing is essential as this will give you the contacts you need to start a freelance career.

3. Always write your best:

Provide latest relevant no fluff information. Your already written work is going to be the basis for the clients hiring you for future freelance work. Online freelance writing at its best is the primary goal to achieve best results.

4. Create a solid Reputation as a Writer:

And reputation is formed when you not only write good but also present a great reputation as a person, both online and off line. Use best work ethics and make sure to meet dead lines do not take the jobs that you can not finish before time.

5. Be active to find great jobs yourself:

Don’t completely depend on your ads, but look for new jobs everyday. Contact all happy clients and organizations that have used you as a writer before, and socialize with them. Make new relations everyday and let them know what you do? Spend sometime looking for more jobs every day.

6. Starting as a Freelance Writer, start as part-time:

When starting online freelance writing, begin writing as a part timer and continue your job. Eventually create clients and once you are very sure that you have become successful to create a full time income without problem then plunge into it full time.

7. As online freelance writer your opportunity is greater:

There are lots of people who need your services, everybody does not have the talent to write and every one does not have the time to write. But every one wants to make money online and that is where your business comes in.

So focus online freelance writing and you will achieve best results.

8. Create a network of people:

This will help you get recommendations for writing jobs. Editors of magazines business owners who need ad writing and sales copies so often, newspapers and news letter publishers, just get to know many of them so you are in good hands to find new jobs for freelance writing.

9. Referral and Recommendations:

This becomes easy once you have established yourself as a great writer. Although writing is a big business, but the writers community is pretty small. Ask for recommendation to another person who needs a writer. This is one of the great ways to get better assignments and is based on your writing standards and your networking.

10. Present yourself as a highly developed and ethical person:

Only a reputation full of good qualities can make you go around effortlessly in the community when there is a need of writer. People will accept your high rate and your demands. So create a reputation and a contract that has benefits for both.

These are some of the strategies to follow. You will experience new and unique ways to create a good position as an online freelance writer.

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