NBI on Telecom Industry

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Step, back and marvel on the big picture- this is what networking business intelligence (NBI) is all about.

We are all aware how people, situation and circumstances are becoming more and more demanding by the second. Business establishments, such as banks, telecommunication companies, restaurants and others, need to find more ways to keep up with the fast changing world and fierce competition when it comes to the delivery of basic goods and services.

This scenario sets the need to expand in order to keep up with the demand. They would often come up with new technologies, services, and mergers and acquisitions. This leads to a morass of network devices, interfaces, services, and support systems.

It is indeed a race by the second with more and more systems bolted into existing networks in less optimal ways. Errors and incompatibilities are found on software patches resulting in complicated and often badly connected network leading to the possibility of data loss or corruption!

More than the technical aspect of network optimization, NBI is interested to take a much bigger view of the technology used in the business and its market. It has the goal of arriving at a fuller understanding of the state of business from these different perspectives, and to use that knowledge and understanding to make decisions that will make up the NBI platform.

NBI relies mainly on human professional intelligence. It enables key thinkers to penetrate and dominate the system with their knowledge, skills and intuition towards decisions that affect the company’s outlook.

It can expand business activity as well as performance monitoring through revenue assurance. It does away with revenue loss caused by misinterpreted, incorrect or misconfigured data- oftentimes the result of badly formatted business processes.

NBI can also recover and improve the efficiency of network assets. NBI applications could be understood by man-machine language. This provides a more accurate picture of utilization and configuration of the business.

This platform makes it easy to quickly add new activities and modules at the carrier’s request resulting to rapid deployment with an immediate short-term gain.

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