Monopoly Tycoon – Monopoly And Sims Combined

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Monopoly Tycoon is Monopoly game board and SimCity combined. Derived from the classic Monopoly board game, it is the type of game most people can remember from their childhood. It has a touch of the Sims computer game, making it even livelier. It includes all basic elements of the classic Monopoly like buying and selling, paying for utilities and collecting payment for rent.

How the Game Works

However, Monopoly Tycoon deviates a bit from the classic Monopoly game. In a way, the player can already build a business on a certain property, and not just simply buy a property to start a business. A player may even lease a property and have an auction. If a player wins, his competitors who built a business on that same property will have to pay him rent. A player may also make buildings and manage businesses by setting prices, rent and stock amounts. A person can also buy out companies for a lower cost especially if he owns the block.

Monopoly Tycoon’s time period is different because it begins at 1930. At the end of each day, the year moves up 5 years. And just like an ordinary day, a day in this game is worth 24 hours. At 6:00 a.m., players are required to pay the utilities. Tenants would also have to give the payment for their rents. At 9:00 a.m., the companies that operate in the day open up until 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Everyday at 6 o’clock p.m., the companies and entertainment businesses that run during the night start operating until midnight. And then another 5 years pass by, a new day starts while the night businesses close. In this game, time moves so fast that even businesses and buildings change.

The World of Monopoly Tycoon

When Monopoly Tycoon starts in 1930, basic businesses are opened right away. These basic businesses include diners, grocery stores and clothing stores. Bakeries, cafes, clinics, book stores, toy stores, news stands, hardware stores and jewelry stores are also available. Night businesses on the other hand, include bars, cinemas, restaurants, ballrooms and theatres. And then by 1940, new concepts of businesses are opened, such as ice cream parlors, department stores, travel agents, health clubs and supermarkets.

Becoming the Top Gun

Success on each stage will depend on the player’s choice of business type that the period offers. He will have to analyze each scenario according to difficulty levels. Players can either choose a single-player or a multiplayer mode. A player who chooses single player mode competes against the computer’s 16 situations or scenarios in 3 levels of difficulty. If one wants to play multiplayer, he has to be connected to a network because the time in Monopoly Tycoon is continuous. This means that there is no time for switching of players on one computer.

Loyalists of the classic Monopoly board game may cautious of the number of additions and changes that have been made with the Monopoly Tycoon. There is no doubt that it is indeed a very enjoyable game. It can even become a training ground for future businessmen since this game provides the challenge that they have to face in real life.

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