MLM Sponsoring – Are You Irresistible?

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MLM Sponsoring is About Making Yourself Irresistible

With millions of network marketers worldwide and the industry growing by 150,000 new distributors every week, how do you make your mlm sponsoring more effective? The answer is simple…”Make Yourself Irresistible.”

How do you make yourself irresistible you may ask, and that answer is also actually quite simple…”Look at what everyone else in the network marketing industry is doing and do the complete opposite.”

I know that may be contradictory to what you may have been taught so just bare with me for a second……

MLM Sponsoring-Factors to Becoming Irresistible

If you’re still reading I want to say “Congratulations”! I’m congratulating you because I know that if you grasp what I’m about to share with you about MLM sponsoring(and most importantly implement it), I guarantee that you will begin to sponsor new distributors effortlessly.

There are certain factors that are essential to you becoming irresistible to your prospects, and they are Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors. Intrinsic Factors are things that have to go on inside of you and Extrinsic Factors are things you can do in the physical world to create a situation where prospects being magnetically attracted to you is a normal thing.

MLM Sponsoring-What Are These Intrinsic & Extrinsic Factors?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I tend to get very long winded when talking about the subject of mlm sponsoring because it’s the most important skill set to have in network marketing and I’m very passionate about it. You can know all the product knowledge, know the comp plan inside out, know all the SEO tricks or whatever but if don’t develop these factors you’re building on sand.

Intrinsic Factors- Remember, these things have to go on inside of you.

#1 Be A Person With Vision: No where you’re going and you’ll get there a lot faster. Most people don’t know where there going in life that’s why people are willing to follow someone with a clear vision. “See The End From The Beginning!”

#2 Be A Person With Passion: Passion alone is Magnetic!! Believe in your message, product or service and carry it forward.

#3 Be A Fearless Leader: Lead by example and understand that F.E.A.R isn’t real. Fear is the main thing that keeps people from being successful in mlm sponsoring. F.E.A.R is only False Evidence Appearing Real! “Remember that courage isn’t taking action in the absence of F.E.A.R. Courage is the ability to still take action in the presence of F.E.A.R.”

#4 Be A Teacher & Trainer: Take everything that you learn from research, mentoring and experiential; synthesize that information and pour it into others to help them shorten their learning curves. “If You Can Do A Thing, You Can Teach A Thing!”

“You don’t have to be a “GURU” to teach. You only have to be 1 chapter ahead of the rest of the class.”

#5 Have Clarity: Know who you’re going to serve, because it’s all about service and adding value. Most importantly, you have to be crystal clear about who you are and who you want to be to who you are serving.

#6 Practice Relentlessly: Mastery is Key and they say it takes 10,000 hours to master a particular area. Have the mindset that the job is never over. You don’t have to be perfect but always Strive for Excellence. The best athletes and entertainers are those that stay up late and wake up earlier mastering their craft. So if you want to master the Art of MLM Sponsoring, you have to practice relentlessly.

#7 Become A Master Marketer: This is very important because 97% of network marketers, unfortunately, don’t know anything about marketing. Most companies train their distributors to go recruit their warm market(friends & family), and when they’re done with that they are discouraged and quit because of rejection and the lack of knowledge of how to effectively talk to new people about their business.

#8 The traditional method of mlm sponsoring has worked in the past and still works but if you can teach your team how to generate quality leads on and offline, through attraction marketing, that puts you in a league of your own.

#9 Know The Numbers: This is part of the process of becoming a Master Marketer. If you understand the Law of Averages and track your marketing, you can then be more scientific in telling your team what they have to do to get certain results.

Quick Example: “Every 10 people you show the Plan, 3 are interested and 1 actually makes the investment.” Now you and your team can set more practical goals.

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