Male Bonding Time Through a Golf Game

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Playing golf is not as easy as it looks. Golf swing lessons are not mastered overnight. It is pretty sure that Tiger Woods can hit a golf ball with his eyes closed and still beat you a hundred times. But you need to remember that before he was able to achieve his current stature, he had his own share of golf game bloopers too. Honestly, playing golf it is not as simple as standing, swinging and hitting the ball, there is so much more than that. Of course focus is important and together with that comes patience. Yes, patience is very important. Playing golf is not like playing basketball, volleyball, baseball where screams are involved. In golf, you actually have to be very quiet and before even playing you have to know simple swing lessons before knowing how to play.

That is actually one of the main reasons why some people find golf to be quite a boring sport. Hence given a choice to either watch an adrenaline pumping, gut screaming basketball game or a mind teasing, quiet golf game, which would you pick? That’s a no brainer, basketball of course! However, more and more people are beginning to take the challenge of playing golf. That is why you will see a lot of video instruction materials teaching a newbie some golf swing tips and other golf techniques.

Golf is often called the business sport. Why? It is because business men in particular usually settle their deals with their clients through a quiet game of golf. The long walks in the green is sometimes enough to seal a business deal. Since you need to walk to where the ball is, sometimes it usually takes a while to get there. Some smooth businessmen even give simple tips to their potential clients. The friendly golf game may eventually turn into something beneficial for the business.

A golf game can also be a venue for men to talk about stuff that men are interested in. There chit-chat can be about how their doing in businesses or jobs, their cars or the latest gadget that they have. Of course, exchanging ideas and tips are part of their conversation too. If women have their shopping, day spa treatment, coffee, lunch dates as their bonding time. Men, on the other hand, have golf game to bond with friends. This is one way of how men bond, and renew their friendship and it is a great stress reliever too.

A lot of men are becoming interested in playing golf. They are willing to spend time and money to take that golf swing lessons to improve their handicap. A lower handicap can boost one’s confidence during a golf game. But learning may not be enough if you do not practice and familiarize yourself with the techniques. Some golf mates would even seek an advice or two from you if you are consistently playing with low handicap. You may not be as good as any of the professional players; however friends seeking out some golf swing techniques from you would certainly be a good morale-booster. Next time you hit the fairways with your friends or business clients; make sure that you have practiced to make that good impression.

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