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When searching the net, I often read how easy it is to make big money and become rich, without working too hard, in the exciting career of enforcing judgments.

Judgment enforcers have a similar success rates as musicians. In both fields, a lot of people dabble. Relatively few study, work enough, for long enough, to make good money.

Judgment enforcement takes a lot of study, and that leads people to search for training courses. This is my experience, observations, and opinions on the different judgment training courses I either know, or have checked out on the web.

Most training courses have two parts. The first part is the initial package – a book, a PDF, a training event, a tape, etc. The next part is perhaps more important – is the follow-up after the first part. Many of the better courses include access to an email list, or a web-based BBS (Bulletin Board System) forum.

First, the courses I have purchased, read, and have extensive experience with:

JudgmentRecoveryCourse.com – One-time fee of $249. ($50 off if you show proof you have purchased another course.) Dr. Peter Gilboy’s very good course comes as a short course in a binder. Peter does not waste words. His writing style is perfect, friendly, concise, well-edited, and informative.

Included with Peter Gilboy’s course is lifelong membership in his Yahoo email list group. His email support list is priceless. There are very sharp and mostly helpful people on this list. Peter is smart, and he responds quick and is very helpful.

NationalJudgment.net (NJN)- One-time fee of $149. Claude Dickerson’s masterpiece of a web site with support for judgment enforcers nationwide. They have a fantastic (but overly moderated) discussion forum. The NJN site also has many benefits, such as a judgment course as a PDF, form letters that may be adapted to your specific needs, payment calculators, and a vast array of tools, links, a database case management program, etc. NJN helps both newbies and experienced judgment enforcers. No matter what State you are in, you will find the NJN valuable.

CAJP.org – $255 per year (prices tend to go up every year). The California Association of Judgment Professionals is worth the price – especially if you are located in California. This is a group you must qualify for. You must already have enforced a judgment.

You must also show proof of having a business/DBA/Corp, to show you are a company. As many judgment enforcers work alone under their own name – this seems a bit silly.

The CAJP does not include a manual, but its web site has many years of posts and forums to read. The CAJP has many training courses in California. Those courses are reasonably priced and include manuals. In summary, the CAJP has very smart people, great seminars and webinars, great email list and forum. However, you must pay every year, its CA-centric, and has a lot of long-winded email posts.

JudgmentRecoveryBook.com – $149. You get Barry Goldman’s great book “The REAL WORLD Judgment Recovery Guidebook”, and a semi-active support email list. Barry is a world-class Judgment Enforcer and a Process Server.

Next are the courses that I have not taken, but have heard are real and very good:

RecoveryCourse.com – $175. Christina Smiley’s course, I have heard good things consistently, has a good support list, with extra support for newbies. A very popular course, and an active support email list.

JudgmentManagementSystem.info – $100. Windows database for Judgment Enforcers. I hear good things about this.

I am sorry time limits prevented me from buying and reviewing all the courses out there. The ones mentioned here are the best.

Most people in California, will do well to get Peter Gilboy’s course and then join the CAJP. If you are in another State, join the National Judgment Network, and then buy either Christina Smiley’s, Barry Goldman’s, or Peter Gilboy’s course.

Best to check http://www.RipOffReport.com before ordering any training course.

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