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Being a diverse country we have scope for many a career opportunity in India.

There are new job opportunities which are rare and yet popular like Vastu specialist jobs, homeopathy jobs, acupressure jobs, etc. To do these jobs, one needs passion, knowledge and interest to succeed. Indian science jobs are rare but popular across the globe. If one chooses to be in such fields, success might be slow, but is still sure.

An IT job is the most popular and common career of choice these days. Due to technical demands from foreign countries, India’s outsourcing industry (e.g. business process jobs and IT outsourcing jobs, etc) has grown steadily.

Up until now, thanks to India’s large number of English-speaking and technically-proficient people it has done well in the global market. Not long ago, endless vacancies in India were available – until recent times. Due to recession in the global market, jobs in India have been affected.

There are some freshly emerging careers in India that have been noticed recently. Careers like equity analysis jobs, tax-return processing jobs, career counselor jobs, radiological analysis jobs, medical transcription jobs, and many more seem to be the way of the future.

Searching jobs is not at all difficult. There are many ways in which you can search jobs that are available in India. Apart from traditional methods like online job websites there are some new methods. They are:

– Networking-One should be active in using web 2.0 communities like web portals, social networking sites, professional forums etc. Networking widens your social circle. There are networking sites dedicated to careers and jobs as well.

– Blogs-Job blogs encourage various views and discuss upcoming trends. They give you a fair idea about job markets both domestic and internationally.

Listed are a few job tips one should keep in mind while searching for their perfect job:

– Widen and keep brushing your career skills (technical and soft skills, etc)

– Avoid having very specific job profiles, as employers appreciate those with multi-skills.

– Prepare yourself to take responsibility and ask for bigger responsibilities at your workplace.

– There are job fairs held after every few months. Try and visit job fairs, for better opportunities.

– Get yourself signed up for as many job sites, professional networks, and blogs as possible. The internet is the largest source of information. In this aspect, it’s okay to be an internet freak.

– Pay special attention to your resume. Your resume is the image that you portray to potential employers. Avoid any kind of redundancy and ambiguity in your resume. Companies look for two main headings in a resume: experience and achievements. Highlight them.

– Lastly, don’t panic. If you are trying hard to get a job, and not getting good responses, don’t be disheartened. Utilize your time in brushing up your career skills and preparing yourself for a successful career. Personally follow up with the companies you applied in. Always prepare before you go in for an interview.

All the best for a bright future!

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