Is It Possible To Write a Book in Only 2 Days?

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If you’re a writer, you’ll already know that writing takes time.

But do you also know that the ‘secret’ to earning money from your writing is to write a lot. And by ‘a lot’ I mean writing consistently.

You see, no successful writer ever made a lot of money from writing just one or two things, because earning money from writing is all about numbers. So the more books you write, the more sales you can make.

So if you’ve only written one book and you sell one copy a day, you’ll make a few dollars a day, depending on the price of the book and your profit from the sale. As for instance, if you’ve published an eBook (or a Kindle book) and you earn $2 profit from each sale, then one sale a day will earn you $2.

But what if you write 10 eBooks? If you can make one sale a day of each book, that’s 10 sales a day, and at $2 profit per sale, you’ll earn $20 a day.

So naturally, it follows that if you double the amount of books and you’ve written and published 20 eBooks then you’d be earning 20-times your $2 a day which is $40 a day (which, when you multiply your $2/day by 365 days a year, give you an income of $730 annually). And that’s passive income, meaning, you don’t have to work every day to earn that money because you’re not paid by the hour.

Now imagine what would happen if you could write books really quickly. What if you could write an eBook in just 2 days? Naturally, it would take quite a bit of practice to do this consistently, but it should be easy to write faster the more you do it because speed comes with practice.

Writing and publishing one eBook may take longer at first, if you’ve never done it before. But once you’ve done it several times, everything will be easier and quicker after that, because you’ll have a routine, you’ll know how to begin outlining and writing a book, and all your online accounts will be set up and you’ll know how to use them so that you just have to write, proof, publish, and repeat.

So this will mean that it wouldn’t be difficult for you to up your production to 50 eBooks a year which, at the same $2 profit per book per day, and assuming you were selling 1 copy of each eBook a day, this would give you a daily income of $100 (50 sales x $2/sale) and this would mean an annual income (365 days x $100/day) of $36,500 a year. And again, this is completely passive income because you only need to write each book once.

But before you can publish 10 or 20 or 50 eBooks, you first have to be able to write them quickly.

And this is easy to do because, as you’re about to discover, you can write an eBook in as little as 2 Days.

I know how quickly eBooks can be written and published because I do it myself all the time.

If you already know what you want to write about and have an outline ready, then writing a book in 2 days is simple.

My only caveat here would be to say that the 2 days need to be consecutive days, otherwise you’ll lose your train of thought.

So schedule 2 consecutive days to write your book. A perfect scenario would be to schedule 2 days every week to write a book. That way you could write one book a week which would mean that by this time next year, you’ll be the author of 50 published eBooks.

That’s the beauty of eBooks is that they are so fast to publish which means you can publish an eBook in minutes and then move straight on to writing the next one.

Now your 2 days of writing is actually only 8 hours of writing because you’ll only need to write for 4 hours a day.

Here’s how your time breaks down:

A “how to” eBook or a novella (a short fiction book), needs to only be around 20 thousand words.

So if you were writing for 8 hours (4 hours a day, 2 days a week) then you’d need to write (type?) at a speed of 2,500 words per hour (2,500 words/hour x 8 hours = 20,000 words).

Now if you divide 2,500 words per hour by 60 (because there are 60 minutes in an hour) it gives you a speed of 41.66 words per minute. Most people can average 60 to 80 words, so 41 words/minute is quite do-able.

And even if you include proof reading as well and cover creating (which can be outsourced so you don’t need to spend any time on it) and it’s still only 2 ½ days of time taken

Which means that you can easily write and publish an eBook every week and still have plenty of time left over.

That means it’s possible to have 50 eBooks selling online in just one year.

Of course, if you’ve written and published so many eBooks, you’ll probably sell several copies of each eBook every day which can multiply your income.

Now that’s not bad for passive income from working only 2 days a week, is it?

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