Indian SMEs Set Their Sights on the UK Market

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The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the leading export destinations for Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across most industry verticals. This region is also one of the most favoured markets for small scale optical goods manufacturers and exporters. The eyewear market in the UK has witnessed a rapid growth over the past few years. This provides ample opportunities for Indian small and medium optical goods suppliers and exporters to reap maximum benefits.

The UK accounts for a substantial share of the total Indian exports. Textiles, readymade garments, footwear, gems and jewellery, leather goods, engineering goods, metals and optical goods constitute the chief items exported by India to UK. The India-UK trade figure touched £6,737 million in 2007. Strengthening bilateral relations has proved to be mutually beneficial for both UK and Indian SMEs across diverse verticals, including the eyewear industry.

Indian small scale optical goods Manufacturers and suppliers should further capitalise on the healthy trading relationship between the two countries to expand their business. There is immense scope for optical equipment makers and frames suppliers since the spectacle sector accounts for more than 63.2% of the UK eyewear market. Increasing their frames supplies and export of sunglasses can help Indian eyewear companies increase their market share in the UK.

In order to attract the attention of UK buyers, Indian companies must focus on adopting the latest technology in production of lenses, glasses, optical frames and magnifiers. Photochromatic lenses, designed using variable tint optics technology to protect eyes against harmful rays, are also in great demand in the UK market. Besides, stylish sunglasses, rimless frames and bigger acetate frames in vibrant colours are also in much vogue in the UK. Given the high level of fashion consciousness among people in the UK, Indian eyewear designers must focus on introducing bright, multi-coloured and attractive designs of sunglasses.

Small scale lens and optical makers can also introduce a wide range of lenses including single vision, bi-focal, multi-focal or progressive lenses, high-index lenses, polycarbonate lenses, anti-reflective coatings, tinted lenses and polarised lenses, which are much in demand in the UK market. Small and medium eyewear companies should focus on introducing improved optical goods keeping in mind factors like functionality, wearability, style, comfort and durability in order to gain a foothold in the UK eyewear market.

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