Image Consultant Advice for Middle-Aged Women

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This article explains what middle-aged women need to know about modern style. The advice pertains to hair, wardrobe, and shoes.


Middle-aged women, from 35-65, can learn a good deal about style from a trained image consultant. This is especially important for this age group because by this point in their lives they’ve got ingrained habits of dressing and are usually more or less resistant to change. What a pity! Because an image consultant, in the space of three hours, can change your look and bring you new glamour, pizzazz, and style.

Now, wouldn’t you know it, the three areas that a consultant can help you with most are the three areas you’ve got your strongest opinions on already. No worry. Just sit back, relax, and let us introduce you to a few secrets that can make things 100 percent better. The fact is that, if you’re like most gals in this age bracket, your hair needs help, your wardrobe is dull, and your shoes… oh, do we have work to do!


Your biggest asset is your hair. Believe it or not, people see it first and remember it for the longest time. If you want nice hair, study married woman around twenty-six years old. They usually have the nicest hair because they work at it. They really care about it, and they keep it up. If you want beautiful hair – and who doesn’t! – you’ve got to put some effort into it. We image consultants harp on this all the time because it’s so true.

One secret is to use a conditioner with dimethicone. Another is to get your hair cut every six weeks to fix frayed ends. Still another secret is to get a new hairstyle every once in a while. Finally, carry a small mirror to check your appearance to ensure that you don’t have flyaway hair before you meet friends and family.

Our last hair secret will stun you, but that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it? You need to try some retro styles, such as a beehive or bouffant look. Men will go crazy for you if you have the nerve to do something so different.


The biggest mistake women make as they age is that they tend to wear more prints. Women become more artistic as they age, and they think that they need to have art on their clothes, in the form of prints. Please resist the temptation. Solids are sexy, prints are not. And if you don’t think a woman your age can be sexy, take a look at Suzanne Somers.

“Oh, but friends and family compliment me when I wear prints,” you say? I hate to shatter your illusions, but those closet to you probably want to avoid hurting your feelings because they love you. You might be better off talking with an objective image consultant who has no ulterior motives. Unlike friends and family, a consultant will tell you the honest truth.

So, now, are solids starting to look a little better?… We sure hope so!


If you’re like most middle-aged women, your footwear is a problem because you’re either wearing heels that are too high or slip-ons that are too fusty. This season, a very cute shoe is the ankle boot. In casual situations, if you want to attract men, this is the shoe to die for. Another good choice is unisex sneakers with white laces. Even better than that, wear open-toe and open-heel shoes to cocktail parties and nights out on the town. You’ll turn heads.

Please keep in mind that if you’re an attorney, a banker, or a white collar worker, the shoe advice will be totally different for your work environment. For business, never wear ankle boots. (But you knew that, didn’t you?) On the job, opt for dark shoes, not shoes that match your lighter outfits.

We want you to look your best and make a good impression, and following these simple guidelines will help you do just that.

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