How to Use Audio Recordings to Hook Buyers

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Before the Internet, I was working in the trenches learning the secrets of effective selling. I’ve learned a few things over the years and now I’m going to share with you how to sell your products and services without hiring sales people, without knocking on doors and without spending money on newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, direct mail, pay-per-click or postcard advertising.

What Is My Secret Weapon? Most of the sales I make in my online business are created with what I call “audio infomercials”…

Put simply I interview an expert on the unique benefits of his product or service. I ask all the questions your prospect might ask. I get every piece of essential information your prospects need to make an informed buying decision. I then make these audio recordings available as free downloads from my website and give away them away as audio CDs completely free.

Why would people listen to the recordings? Because they’re packed with highly useful, highly targeted information that can help them solve their problems. And when they’re finished listening to your full and complete audio infomercial, they can relate to you better as a person. Just like you having an intimate talk with a close friend, you have bonded more with your prospects.

And I hope you will agree that people buy more often from people they know, like and trust. Without lifting a finger you can be bonding with hundreds of highly qualified prospects while they listen to your perfect sales message about your products and services…

I make a very good living using this audio interview delivery system that literally runs on autopilot. I am not eating up my valuable time on the phone answering the same questions to unqualified prospects.

I don’t have to deal with rude customers.

Wouldn’t you like a system that automatically filters out all the bad people and leaves you with only buyers?

Using Audio Recordings can help you get word out on what you can offer clients in a way that allows you to spend less time and money on finding your prospects.

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