How to Provide Timely Email Response to Enhance Business Credibility

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All of us become very happy when we receive timely email response from the people to whom we have written. Therefore, we must do our best to treat others the same way we prefer to be treated. This is a simple fact, but many fail to do so as they face with loads of distraction. Others may procrastinate in their daily business activities. In all cases, professional customer service staff should give ultimate priority to responding to emails so that they can protect your company’s business credibility.

How Should You Learn to Provide Timely Email Response?

To internalize this habit, we should abide by these measures:

1) Make a public commitment. You can do so by setting your auto-responder to supply an automatic answer to the people who send you emails. Make sure you announce, within the text you place there, that you will send them an answer in 48 hours (just an example). Remember that you must keep your words in order not to lose your professional image.

2) Set a reminder to answer emails. You can use a task manager, an alarm clock, a Smartphone application, etc to remind you it is time to answer email. Arrange this to trigger the buzz at least three times a day. It is worth to get distracted to be able to keep your business credibility by timely email answers. In addition, you can send the answer in 24 hours instead of what you had promised.

3) Prepare typical answers. You can create a set of template replies to be ready to use. Email applications allow you to create templates and save them for such occasions. Customer Relation Managements (CRMs) are a lot more professionally helping you in achieving your goal of providing timely email responses. One should take care not to have any personalized elements in templates you build. You add each person’s data when you personalize the answer.

4) Take note of your success. You need to be able to measure whatever you do at your business. To internalize this habit, apart from the above steps, it will help a lot if you write down the number of cases in which you have managed to reply in the shortest time possible. This will have a convincing effect for you to remember that you have gained positive results from the tough schedule set for your working time.

It is easy to get your business credibility ruined by negligence in replying within the promised time, but it is likewise very probable to improve your business reliability by answering emails within the expected time. Over delivery is so powerfully working to your benefit that it can create positive word of mouth for you and your business.

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