How to Make Money Online Part 2 – Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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Last article we looked at lots of different ways to make money online. We found that affiliate marketing is a great choice for people starting out. This is because quite large sums of money can be made for a very small investment of money. This is exactly what everyday people need, to pay off credit cards, mortgages and get back on top of their finances.

The first thing to be aware of when starting up an affiliate marketing business, is that making money online is never quite as easy as it is promised. After reading lots of “how to” articles, and paying to join a training system, I discovered that it takes time and effort to make anything happen. If we were told this before we signed up and started, we would have a much better frame of mind, and be much more likely to succeed.

For those of you thinking of starting affiliate marketing, rest assured it is definitely a worthwhile thing to spend time doing. You need to begin by expecting to “learn the ropes” first. There are quite a few processes and skills which need to be learned, before any real substantial money can be made. If you begin by thinking you will earn $2000 in the first month, you may be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, goals and dreams are very important, but expect to do some hard work before you see the money they promise.

Some useful tips when first staring out are:

• Have a goal – Where you end up is largely set by what your goals and dreams are.

• Write them down – There is a lot of research showing that written goals are a lot more likely to come to pass than goals in your head.

• Do some research – Don’t buy into the first training package or system you find, look around and find one which is best suited to you.

• Have a plan – Plan what steps you will take to successfully get a campaign off and running. A good training package will outline the steps needed to make money online.

• Follow your plan till you see results – Don’t get distracted by all the other things you can do to make money, if it’s not in your plan.

• Fine tune – When you are making money, analyse your results, see what is working and what isn’t and plan your next campaign to suit.

If you invest in a training program, they will outline the practical things which you need to do to get everything linking together and working properly. Some of these include:

• Setting up a ClickBank account.

• Setting up a PayPal account.

• Buying web hosting, or showing you free hosting websites.

• How to get cheap domain names.

• How to link your domain name to your hosting site.

These are mechanical steps which every Affiliate marketer must do, before they can start choosing products, researching keywords, creating landing pages, driving traffic and analysing the results.

Next time we will look at how to choose the best products from ClickBank

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