How to Generate Home Based Business Ideas – My BEST Tips For Anyone Starting a Business at Home

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Want to know the absolute BEST way to generate ideas for your home based business? It always amazes me how many people STRUGGLE, and suffer through the process of picking what it is they want to do. Want to know the truth? There is only ONE sure fire way to pick a winning strategy that almost NEVER fails to work.

  • It’s NOT stuffing envelopes.
  • It’s NOT MLM or network marketing.
  • It’s NOT surveys.
  • It’s not buying and selling on Ebay.

The absolute BEST way to generate ideas for your home based business?

Identify what you are MOST passionate about first. And then come up with a cacophony of creative ways to parlay your passion…..into PROFIT. Period!

Let me share with you a little unfortunate secret that most “gurus” DON’T want you to know…….

90% of home based business people will fail. Most will SPEND far more money “learning” than they’ll ever make. The people who almost ALWAYS end up on top are those that LOVE what they do, and then generate an avalanche of ways to monetize that passion with marketing.

So the REAL secret is not necessarily PICKING the idea… already have that in your heart and soul. Each of us has things we are passionate about right now…and it could be anything from cooking, to gardening to martial arts to providing services like coaching and consulting like me.

It’s actually figuring out how to MONETIZE that idea, which is often far easier than you realize.

Ask yourself the following questions to start.

  1. Who NEEDS what I do best?
  2. Who BENEFITS most from my unique skill set?
  3. And who has the EASIEST access to these people already?

Often, the FASTEST way to turn your simple idea into an amazing “overnight” success, is to simply find the people who already HAVE your customers in their sphere of influence and simply contact them. Do it on Twitter. Do it via email. Leave a comment on their blog.

The key is to simply take what you love, and identify the ways that are MOST amenable to make money from them. And then build relationships with people already DOING what you love…and make a WIN/WIN proposition that works for all! (it really IS that easy as well..:-)

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