Good Books on MLM – Some Recommendations For You

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The top money makers in MLM are voracious readers.

But of the thousands of home business, MLM prospecting, and MLM team building books available, the following five books stand out.

When you’re ready to take your network marketing business to the next level, commit yourself to reading at least one of these good books on MLM within the next 30 days.

My Top MLM Book Recommendations

Leading the way in popular books on MLM is Go Pro, by Eric Worre.

Eric made a name for himself in the network marketing industry with his free marketing strategy videos. There are literally hundreds of them you can watch at his website, or on popular video websites. Just search for “Eric Worre Network Marketing Pro.”

As for his book, Go Pro is an A-Z guide to network marketing, written by a man who has proven himself in the marketplace. Whether you’re a newbie to the business, or a seasoned veteran, make this book a part of your personal development library.

Another book written by a seasoned pro is Your First Year in Network Marketing, by Mark Yarnell.

Mark has been in the network marketing business for a long time, and his prospecting and team building ideas are time tested and proven.

The biggest takeaway for me in this book is how Mark coaches you to deal with rejection and overcome objections.

My Top MLM Motivational Book Recommendations

The most inspiring book I have ever read on the power of building a residual income in the home business industry is The Parable of the Pipeline, by Burke Hedges.

Burke tells a simple story of two peasants who land a contract to supply water to their village. One of the men devotes himself to carrying buckets from a river to the village fountain, while the other decides to build a pipeline from the river to the village.

The story is a parable about trading hours of labor for a wage, versus building an automated source of residual income. It’s a quick and entertaining read that will change the way you think about how money and wealth is earned.

Another classic book to read in this genre is Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

This book has been on the marketer’s “Must Read” list for decades-for good reason.

Napoleon Hill wrote this book in the early 1900s and bases his lessons on in-depth interviews and observation of the wealthiest men in America at the time.

Among the many valuable lessons in this book, Napoleon Hill claims having a definitive purpose is the greatest factor in your quest for financial success. This book is so wide read in the home business industry, many of his lessons have become part of the language of success.

My Favorite Attraction Marketing Book Recommendation

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to prospect and build your network marketing business outside the traditional “warm market” manner, you need to read Mike Dillard’s book, Magnetic Sponsoring.

Mike’s basic premise was that MLM prospecting and team building is a lot easier when you are talking to people who are already “sold” on the idea of building a network marketing business. Mike illustrates how these prospects can be found using social media, blogs, article marketing, and other free or low cost online strategies.

Mike no longer makes this book available, but you may be able to find extensive articles and excerpts available online. That said, this book has been revised and republished as the Attraction Marketing Formula, by Ferny Ceballos.

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