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Dan Miller the CEO of Force One Events Inc, is an experienced marketer, programmer and successful entrepreneur. He has created a number of successful direct sale businesses which currently has thousands of business owners and still manages to run them today. The Extreme Wealth Formula is the latest business opportunity to be launched (May 2009) by Force One Events Inc.

General Overview

The Extreme Wealth Formula enters the realm of the growing billion dollar travel industry. Members will receive their own travel business along with the ability to experience luxurious vacations at a fraction of the cost. The cost of this private membership is $1799 and no monthly fees are required. Members are also provided training on how to market their business effectively using proven and targeted offline marketing strategies. A product purchase is not required to market this business as any person can become an affiliate for $49.

The Products

Members receive unlimited discounts on travel destinations to over 3,500 resorts, cruise vacations and more worldwide. This allows people to enjoy luxurious vacations at a fraction of what others are required to pay. These unlimited discounts will save people thousands of dollars on vacations year after year. Once payments have been made, members have access to these products immediately.

The Compensation Plan

The EWF compensation plan is based on a modified 2-tier platform, which allows members to receive $1,000.00 commissions from each sale that is generated with the program. Members will also receive $500.00 overrides from each sale their direct down-line makes. Also, this compensation plan does not require any person to “pass up” sales (also known as qualifying sales), before they start receiving commissions.

With this modified 2-tier compensation plan; additional features have been added that no other program online has done in the past. First, this program introduces the pure power of leverage within a 2-tier system. In addition to receiving overrides, members will also receive swing-line bonuses from their down-line sales.

The 2nd additional feature includes the ability to build your own affiliate team. Members will also receive $700.00 commissions from each sale their affiliates make.

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