eTAS: A Web Based Time Attendance System

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It is very essential to keep the productivity of a company measurable. This not only makes it easier to review the flaws in the procedures laid by the management, but gives an incite to make suitable changes in those procedures. If we try to keep track of all these measurable parameters through manual interventions, it will not only be expensive but inefficient and full of human errors. One of the parameters of measuring the productivity is how many hours your individual employees have worked, from what time to what time they have worked and what they have worked on. We have tried to bring automation to these parameters by introducing eTAS, a web based time attendance system.

Many conventional systems are available in the market catering to time attendance by means of access control system, i.e. keeping track of “in time” and “out time” of employees. We also provide this conventional system but we found many lacunae in this process.

1) You need to have sensors (proximity reader, biometric reader etc.) at both sides of the doors making it expensive and creating more hurdles in employee’s physical movements.

2) If one person tail gates through another person, wrong and unpredictable transactions are created.

3) You require to have a whole set of hardware even if you are using readers for only time attendance and not for security also.

4) You pay for hardware maintenance as well as data base management to an external agency or one of your own employee wastes his valuable time in doing this. The time which could have been utilized in doing more productive jobs.

Considering all these facts, we decided to go a step forward by providing time management system as a web service with the advent of cloud computing. The eTAS is used as a SaaS (Software as a service) hosted model or installed at the client site. Because, this software is available as a web based service, you don’t need to buy any hardware or software to start using it and it is via affordable monthly subscription and you get 60 days to try it free. So, eTAS is a web based employee time clock software and Time Attendance Management system. It has comprehensive reporting structure with complete leave application and management system. All your Employee details and transactions data are available on your web browser on real time basis saving you time, effort and hence money.


Consider the following salient features and decide whether it will increase the productivity at your work environment:

1) eTAS is very affordable. Pricing depends on the number of employees in your organization and whether you want to host it at your site or you want to use is as a SAAS (software as a service).

2) eTAS is accessible via the Internet or your Intranet. As it is web-enabled, both users and administrators can log in using a wide range of browsers anywhere and at anytime.

3) eTAS may be configured to suit your work environment. Every business is unique and one general method may not be suitable to everyone.

4) eTAS doesn’t demand any expensive hardware or infrastructure to use. It uses existing hardware in order to achieve its full potential.

5) We are committed to keep upgrading eTAS as and when the internet environment changes so you don’t have to worry about future updates and changes.

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