Eat That Frog – A Brian Tracy Book Review

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My daughter used to work in geriatric care and one day I spoke to her on the phone, she was depressed. I asked her what was up and turns out she was sad about meeting and making friends with the old people, and then dealing with their deaths. We talked for a while longer, and she said “do you know, when people are dying, they never talk about the things they regretted doing in their lives, it was the things they didn’t do they regretted.”

It’s a shame Brian Tracy hadn’t written Eat that Frog! a hundred years ago! Success doesn’t all boil down to how much money you have either; it’s how others feel about you, how you feel about yourself, and what you do with the money you have.

Procrastination is the mother of failure. If you can never be bothered to get around to doing things, then you will never be a success at anything.

It’s all down to self-discipline. Okay, most of the population get into the habit of the daily work week and can get that together okay, but when it comes down to doing things we really want to do, how many of us make excuses? I’m too tired, I haven’t got the time or I’ll do it after I’ve watched the basketball game.

In the world of internet marketing Brian Tracy’s Eat that Frog! can teach many of us how to get on with our own businesses and use our time to our best advantage. It takes self-discipline, time-management skills and determination to win at anything. It’s pointless simply being in love with the idea of working for yourself from home, as an example, you need to stop talking about it and get on with it! Stop procrastinating today, as none of us knows how many days we have left on this earth.

Getting things done in order of priority, molds character and also lifts a person’s self respect. Were you one of the kids that did his homework as soon as he got home from school, or left it until the last minute, and why? Do you remember how great you felt when you went out after to be with your friends, knowing your homework was completed? Hopefully you are still practicing that discipline now, but if not, grab a copy of Eat that Frog! and begin to understand how much better your life could be, and how much wealthier you could be too, by practicing good habits.

Brian Tracy will tell you, it’s never too late to learn. There’s another excuse “I’m too old.” Rubbish. The truth of it is, you’re too lazy and if you’re happy that way then great. Just stop boring everyone to death with all these plans you have, we all know you’ll never achieve anything.

Overcoming procrastination isn’t easy, but after reading a copy of Brian Tracy’s Eat that Frog! you’ll realize that procrastination happens for a lot of reasons and it’s not always just laziness, sometimes it’s fear of the unknown, or even the fear of success!

So hop off and get a copy now, it comes in every shape and form – hardback, download or an iPhone app, so now there’s no excuse – and don’t put it off until tomorrow!

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