Easy Ways to Find Content For Your Social Media Network

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Finding fresh an interesting content to post on your social media network or for your blog can be a difficult and frustrating venture. Sometimes your brain goes into overload, and just doesn’t want to come up with something innovative or original.

That’s OK. We can’t all be geniuses, and original geniuses at that, during every waking hour and thinking moment. To help ease the overload, here’s a few tips on how to easily find content to publish across your social media network and on your blog that will help drive traffic to your pages–without busting your brain.

Other Facebook Pages

Sharing posts by other business Facebook Pages is a great way to easily post content on your Facebook page. You can also post to your other social streams by using Buffer, which is integrated with Facebook’s sharing options. Log in as your business Facebook Page and click on Home (upper right corner) to get the news feed featuring posts from other Pages that you have Liked. Scroll through the feed to find interesting and relevant content for your page, whether it be a community event, news item or just a fantastic photo. Click the Share link–you now have the option to share it immediately to your page, or you can schedule it for later using Buffer (the green button), which can also post to other networks.

Google Reader

Google Reader aggregates fresh content from Web sites and blogs based on search terms that you define into one easy-to-read page. You must have a Gmail account to set up Google Reader. On Google’s toolbar, click on More (on the right) and then Reader. You can subscribe to prepackaged feeds that Google has set up, or input your own specific search term to find feeds. Scroll through your feeds, then share using Buffer if you’ve got the app extension installed on your browser, or use Google+.

Google Alerts

Stay up to date on all Google search terms related to your business across the Web with Google Alerts–and gather content for your social media network and blog. These alerts can be emailed to you or you can add them to your Google Reader list, which may be an easier option rather than trying to keep track of emails. Again, you must have a Gmail account to sign up for alerts and to add them to your Reader. It’s easy as one, two, three–go to google.com/alerts, sign in, and add any search term related to your business. You can narrow the results by choosing only News, Blogs or another taxonomy, or subscribe to Everything, which I recommend, if you want to track your industry across all spectrums.

Trap!t and Zite

These two apps are fantastic to use with an iPad to search for content relative to your business and your interests. They gather content from around the Web, based on topics you choose, and present them in a magazine format with headlines, summaries and photos.

Zite allows you to share content directly to Twitter or Facebook, or save it through Evernote or Pocket for later referral. The only problem is, there is not an option to share on a Facebook business Page. You can only share to your personal Facebook page. You can’t schedule posts either.

Trap!t utilizes Buffer so you can schedule posts of content you find to your social streams, including Facebook Fan Pages and LinkedIn. It also saves content to Evernote and Pocket, as well as to its own reading list. Trap!t can also be used on a regular browser.

There you go, brain-fried-free content to share and grow your business’ Web presence.

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