Choosemyrewards: The New Chase Credit Card Rewards Management Tool

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In previous articles, I have discussed travel, cashback, interest-savings, and merchandise rewards programs. These rewards specific cards are geared towards people who are grounded in which type of rewards they would like to earn.

For those who are indecisive or those having different rewards interests at different times of the year, should take an interest in the Chase choosemyrewards program. There are two different flagship cards involved in this program, the Chase Cash Plus Rewards Visa and the Chase Flexible Rewards Visa. Both cards offer 0% APR’s for 1 year, and low APR’s thereafter. Statistics show however, that the approval rate for the Chase Cash Plus Rewards Visa is higher.

Let’s take a minute to explain the choosemyrewards program. Like any other rewards program, there is a point system for both cards. You receive one point for every dollar spent on purchases with each card. When these points are accumulated, you then have the option of redeeming them for a variety of goods or cash. Here is what distinguishes these two cards from all other programs. At any time, you may login to the choosemyrewards page on the Chase server to elect which type of rewards you would like to receive. Choices include merchandise, restaurant gift certificates, retail gift certificates, travel rewards, and with the Chase Cash Plus Rewards Visa up to 5% cashback on purchases.

Many other rewards programs make it very difficult for the consumer to redeem rewards, let alone choose them. Typically, you would have to call up the company, wait on hold to get in touch with the proper customer service representitive, and then listen to them give you your list of options before ultimately processing your decision. With the choosemyrewards program this is not the case. In the mail with your new Chase card, you will receive a login pin number and the web address where you may access your rewards account. After entering your pin number, you may view your points accrued and a list of all rewards options. You may then scroll through the list of options and choose the rewards you would like to receive.

It only gets better. Let’s say you logout of your account after you choose your rewards and realize that maybe you didn’t really want that gift certificate to Home Depot that you signed up for. Instead you’d like a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant. All you have to do is simply log back in and switch your reward redemption. This is a very simple and painless process and gives you, the consumer much more control.

Many people save their points until the end of the year, because they never expire, and redeem their points to give gift certificates as holiday presents. Others take a trip to a warm place during the winter. Others just simply trump in on a cashback award in the form of a check. Whatever your interest are, or if they change, enrolling in the choosemyrewards program will make your rewards management more user-friendly and thus, much easier.

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