Benefits of Switching to a Paperless Office

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People who run their own business can appreciate the benefits of switching to a paperless environment. In a paperless office, the access of information is usually through storage devices and computers, thereby eliminating the use of paper. Among the many benefits are less trash, more space, more savings, and improved participation in making our world a better place to live in.

1. Less Trash. In a paperless environment, everything is electronic. The amount of paper needed is almost 0% or literally very minimal, but there is no change with how business is being done. Records-keeping is still intact, exchange of information is still on-going. The concept of less trash stems from the fact that since everything is in electronic form, anything no longer needed could be simply deleted. Paperless offices rely on robust tools to ensure that data storage is kept securely and for the longest time possible. For example, the use of online fax service versus the traditional fax machine. Faxed documents are kept as PDF or TIF files and are stored either on the online fax servers or the office computer, and printer only when needed.

2. More Space. Since there will be no need to physically file documents, the space consumed by big filing cabinets can now be freed up or used for something else.

3. More Savings. Typical offices have an on-going budget for paper and ink or toner. Adding to this would be the cost of maintenance for the hardware needed for printing. In a paperless office, all these expense will be considered savings. Going back to the previous example, with online fax service, the business could save on the cost of the additional phone line for fax machine, hardware maintenance, fax paper and toner. Online fax allows the sending and receiving of messages and gives the business an option to print out copies only when needed.

4. Environment Friendly. All around the globe, one of the resources being extremely consumed is paper. We all know that paper comes from trees. And while people could continue to plant trees, one very important thing to note is that it takes a very long time to grow them. Recycling paper is not the only means of caring for our environment. What better way to converse than not using it at all? In a paperless office, all transactions are done electronically which makes paper less needed and can therefore be eliminated.

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