Benefits of Customer Feedback

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Often times, small business owners are not generally pleased to hear of a customer that appears to be unhappy with her product or service. It’s understandable, I mean who wants to be told that their relentless effort, time, and sacrifice has yielded results that simply did not meet the expectations of the one paying their salary. Yet, when considered with the benefits in sight, customer feedback can contribute to the success of your business.

Improve Existing Products or Services

Customer feedback can help you find weak spots in an item you are currently marketing and/or selling. Perhaps during the design phase of your product or service, a simple step or viewpoint got overlooked. If so, it will without a doubt surface when a mass of people begin using it for the first time. This is an important time to get feedback.

When a customer discovers an issue and reports it, you have a golden opportunity to inquire about the conditions surrounding the issue, the mindset of the customer when they tried the product, or the methods by which they were using your product or service. In any case, the information you obtain from the customer at this time can tell you exactly what you need to change in order to make your offer even better.

Market Research

Feedback from customers on an existing product can give you new insight on that item or offer. Yet the reverse is also true. Existing customers can give you insight on a new product or service.

Before developing a new product or service, find out from your existing customers what features they would use. Do they have suggestions on the best way to implement it? What target price would they be comfortable with? Answers to these and other questions can help you define the path you should take when developing a new product. Taking the right path, in turn, with contribute to your success.

Free Advertising

Another great benefit to gathering customer feedback is that it can give you free advertising. We’ve all seen the testimonial blurbs on commercials and websites. No doubt you would agree that a recommendation from a third party carries more weight than the one selling the product. Not only because of the higher trust factor involved, but also because the individual is a customer and has used the product. The more natural the testimonial appears the more weight it carries. Giving your customers the opportunity to freely express themselves regarding your product can be one of the best forms of advertising you can get – the free kind!

All in all, customer feedback is directly related to how you view it. If viewed as a valuable tool for benefiting your company, it can yield great results for you.

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