AshMax Review – Is AshMax a Legit Business Opportunity?

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If you are an internet marketer, or have been researching home based business ideas, you have most likely been hearing a lot of buzz in the MLM business arena regarding an online business known as AshMax. To help you in your research efforts, I would like to give you more information pertaining to this opportunity, so that you can decide for yourself if AshMax is the company that you want to call home for your income needs.

Before I begin, I would like to point out that I am in no way affiliated with AshMax, so you can rest assured that you will receive my unbiased opinion in my Ashmax Review. So, lets begin.

Created by Ash Mufareh, Ashmax is a newer MLM business opportunity that has combined forces with two other business models, Global Domains International (GDI), and Freeway To Success. In fact, Ash Mufareh has been a leader in GDI for some time now. Ashmax gives you the opportunity to leverage income from both GDI and Freeway To Success.

If you were to join the AshMax MLM business opportunity, you will need to sign up with both GDI and Freeway To Success. GDI has a monthly subscription fee of $10, and Freeway To Success has a one time $15 to join, and comes with a recurring $5 monthly fee. Adding this all up, you are looking at $15 per month to maintain your AshMax business.

The Ashmax marketing system is based on a 5×5 forced matrix. This means that you need to bring in 5 other motivated individuals to fill your matrix. You will have 20 days to achieve this, starting from the very second that you sign up.

When you successfully sign up 5 new members, AshMax will provide you with 3900 other downline members from the spillover of members that are above you. This process can take up to 100 days to complete. However, if you are unable to bring in 5 people in your first 20 days, you will be deleted from their system, and will lose your spot in the matrix.

AshMax claims that once you successfully fill your matrix with 5 individuals, that you are set for life. They claim that this accomplishment alone will earn you $22,300 per month for the rest of your life, starting in the next 100 days.

In my opinion, AshMax is a legitimate opportunity. They are not a scam. However, many who join AshMax will fail due to their lack of experience in internet marketing. For those lacking this experience, it will prove difficult for them to sign up 5 new members in a short 20 day time frame. You may not always be able to negotiate your skeptical family and friends into the program.

For those seasoned internet marketers who already have a sizable list of leads to market to, this opportunity could be a very lucrative one.

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