An Insight on Basic Off-Page Optimization Tactics

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Digital marketing is all about making the client website or other web resources search-engine friendly. It is all about enhancing the ranking of client websites or other web resources in the various search engine results pages. If a website has enhanced ranking in a search engine result page, it implies that it attracts more and more web traffic. If the website is meant for commercial purposes, enhanced web traffic in it contributes to lead generation and sales. Thereby, through proper digital marketing of a web portal, one can ensure business profitability. Digital marketing is incomplete without search engine optimization or SEO. In this context, it is relevant to add that SEO is of two types and they are on-page and off-page. This blog is an honest attempt to discuss the various off-page optimization tactics that the web marketer must do to enhance the visibility of client websites.

Off-Page Optimization

As the name suggests, Off-page optimization has everything to do with optimizing a web resource like website, externally and this means that not focussing on internal work associated with the website. The seasoned web marketer can do such type of optimization by means of link-building. The concept of link-building is to pass the website link using blogs, articles, press releases, and other content posted on other websites. Then, optimizing the posts in a manner so that the contents along with the website link attracts more and more audience. This is important because of the enhanced chances of lead-generation and lead-conversions to sales.

Link-Building Strategies

Following is a list of link-building strategies that web-marketers usually follow:-

Write Blogs

Digital marketing professionals can write blogs relevant to the business, themselves, or with the help of professional content writers and post them in more than one blog posting website. When they do so they also pass the link to the client website. In this manner, the client website gains visibility in the various search engine results pages.

Write Articles

Web marketing professionals can write articles relevant to the business and post them in various articles posting websites. Common article posting websites include EzineArticles, article base. The SEO professionals also pass the link to the client’s website along with the posts. This increases the visibility of the client web portal.

Do Blog Commenting

If you are pondering on increasing the visibility of your website then you can visit relevant websites online, check relevant blog posts, and do blog commenting. While passing blog comments make sure that you pass the links of your client web portal.

Post Forums

There are a number of forum posting websites available online. As a seasoned digital marketer you can register with some of the forum posting sites and post forum contents along with the link to the client website. In this manner, you can attempt to increase the visibility of your client website.

Questions and Answers

There are a number of questions and answers sites and you can post questions, answers on relevant topics, pass the link to your client website along with the answers.

Social Bookmarking

There is a popular social bookmarking website available online. These include Twitter, Stumble Upon, Dribble, Reddit, Digg, and many more. As a digital marketing professional, you can post on social bookmarking sites and do search engine optimization activities.

Post in Social Media Websites

There are a number of social media websites online and they include Facebook, LinkedIn, to name a few. You can post content on these websites. While posting contents you can pass the link to your client website. This enhances the visibility of your client’s website.

This blog focuses on few Off-page SEO practices. Apart from those discussed above, there is available a wide variety of other Off-page optimization strategies that the seasoned digital marketer uses to enhance the visibility of the client website or web-resources.

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