Agarwood Oil – Gold of India

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Agarwood (botanical name:Aquillaria agollocha) is one of the precious among all communities. In ancient time, it was used for making Incense Sticks, so in Hindi incense still is called “Agar Batti”. Here Agar – Agarwood Dust and Batti – Burning Stick. Some newcomers of essential oils business think why it is so costly, costing around $ 25000 USD /liter . The reason is simple, low yield from plant material, typical and labor intensive process of extraction and less demand in the market. These are all very few reasons of high costing of Agarwood Oil.

Process is quite typical, the people of Upper Assam Region, India go to the far peaks of mountains (Himalayas) for finding the good trees after that put a insect all over the trees which make the tree fungicide. Here the fungicide area will provide the mystical fragrance of Agarwood. Now, the expert workers collect those cultivated trees, extract the fungicide area using special knives, and then collect the fungicidal wood of Agarwood and further put it into a water tank for 4- 6 months. During this period, there are a lot of fungi arrive on the tank and now the wood become proper mature for extraction of essential oils.

After distillation, producer receive the good quality Agarwood oil with having the great smell of Agarwood Oil or Oud. Above is the process also used to develop several grades of Agarwood oil, It means, the rest wood in which the fingi not worked due to lack of time, also used for distillation and get some qualities of Agarwood oil called “Boya” and “Kunda” . Some supplier named it like Grade A for Superior quality Agarwood oil, Grade B for Kunda and Grade C for Boya. The Boya quality Agarwood Oil is quite thick and hard to pour,but if we put it into hot water , It will melt and take the property of Grade A. The Boya and Kunda is highly used in natural perfumery because it will blend with any essential oil.

One of the major pitfall is its cost , in result it is becoming one of most adulterated essential oil of the world. People of trading areas are selling it in $ 500 to $ 1500 USD /liter range which is impossible to produce naturally. Buyer should try to get more information from seller to get the idea whether he/she is selling the natural Agarwood or not. Natural Agarwood will cost around $ 25000 USD /liter in India and due to its scarcity , one should buy it only from producer , not from trader. Producer can only provide the real Agarwood oil (Aquillaria agollocha) from Assam.

Agarwood Oil – Grade A , have a long lasting property. If we put 1 drop of Agarwood on foreskin near right hand’s elbow and smell it after 24 hours, one will be astonished as there is still smelling pure agarwood. It is basically used in Natural Perfumery for long lasting and for increase weight in Natural Perfume.

There are some more reasons why it is becoming more rare as Assam, India is having some intruders trouble, some tribes don’t want Non Assamese persons over there but as soon as the time will go, everything will be normalize.

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