Advantages of RSS Feeds

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The fun of building a website quickly diminishes once you realize that you are only getting a few visitors each day and they are only ones you have told about your website. The truly sad news is that some of these people fall by the wayside as well and you are left with even less visitors. Keeping visitors coming to your website and gaining more traffic is dependent on what you put into promoting as much as how often and how interesting your information is to your readers. You should be sure to upload new content regularly and be sure to stick to your theme.

RSS feeds are a wonderful way to keep your readers informed while bringing in more traffic. With an RSS feed, your readers do not have to bookmark the page and come back all the time to see if you have uploaded new content. They will have a subscription to your feed that will be sent to their reader so they can read the headlines and short blurbs of your posts. If they are interested in reading more, they will click the link to visit your website.

All you have to do is provide the RSS feed and a subscription button. Nothing could be easier. Now, when your readers see that you are having a sale, introduced a new product, an event, or even a newsworthy article, they will know it as soon as you publish in real time.

Of course, just by adding an RSS feed will not be a miracle solution as you will still have to get the word out regarding your RSS feed. There are various ways you can announce your new feed such as newsletters, guest posts on blogs, and by submitting your feed in RSS directories.

The major advantage is that your readers will automatically know when you have updated your website or blog. One other advantage is that once you get your feed recognized on the net, you will begin to get more traffic, which will be interested in your topic.

There are several companies using RSS feeds today for blogs, forums, articles, discounts, sales, schedules, events, and more. The use of feeds will help your business or organization keep your readers up to date on important information whether you are having a sale, event, or providing local news. With an RSS feed you will have the tool you need to provide real time content to those interested without the need of emailing each subscriber.

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