40 Sure-Fire Ways to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

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Marketing is understanding the needs of your customer, then finding a way to fulfill those needs.

  1. Continually educate yourself, learn new skills to extend your services.
  2. Have a website created by a professional. Portray your “brand” with the look and feel of your business, and that appeals to your type of customer.
  3. Continually add informative articles and updated content (a new page every week?) to your site, information that will HELP your customer.
  4. Create a news feed to offer resources, news, and information about current events that benefit your users.
  5. Optimize your pages’ specific content using the keywords people use most to search for your information. Use keywords at the beginning of your descriptive page title, headings, subheadings, and content for every page. But don’t overuse them, they should sound natural, not “stuffed.”
  6. Research businesses that compliment your product or service and contact them to suggest reciprocal linking opportunities.
  7. Publish informative video tutorials for your customers.
  8. Have a sign-up form on your website, give away something for free of value in exchange for their contact information.
  9. Keep your contact list up-to-date, use a double “opt-in” on your sign-up form to confirm they want to receive email from you.
  10. Send out newsletters on a regular basis. Most clients prefer once a month, some twice per month. Quarterly is fine too, just be sure it’s consistent. Don’t forget to include an un-subscribe option in your message, and never send spam.
  11. Start a forum to create a community of clients helping other clients and for providing new user generated content for your site.
  12. Learn how search engine advertising works, research relevant keyword opportunities, and experiment with the different types available.
  13. Research your target market, learn about their needs to determine the best marketing opportunities. Where did they find their employees, their vendors, where do they socialize, where do they advertise? Be where they are.
  14. Advertise honestly-your main goal should be to HELP people. If your just trying to sell the something they’ll resist and you will lose credibility.
  15. Advertise in local business newspapers and small magazines. Sell your benefits instead of listing your services.
  16. Have professional business cards with you at all times, ready to hand out at any opportunity. Give them two.
  17. Dress for success. Always look the part – you never know when opportunities will present themselves, so be ready.
  18. Ask for referrals from family, friends, clients, and prospective clients. They may know someone who needs your services now, or will remember you when they do.
  19. Join local business organizations, Chamber of Commerce, networking groups.
  20. Attend local business events, offer to do a presentation about your services, teach a class.
  21. Be a great communicator. Use correct grammar and punctuation in emails or any correspondence.
  22. Be a great VA. Find opportunities to offer information, stay in contact, and go the extra mile for your clients. Word of mouth is your best form of advertising!
  23. Be consistent, let your clients know they can count on you.
  24. Under promise – over deliver. Never miss a deadline, and if you think you might, contact them immediately to discuss your situation so you can come to an satisfactory agreement.
  25. Be enthusiastic. It draws people like a magnet.
  26. Have professional business media available for events, thank-you gifts, and marketing opportunities; brochures, business cards, calendars, magnets, mouse pads, pens, etc.
  27. Create a professional marketing letter and send to local businesses via direct mail.
  28. Contact every business you send a letter to, following up with them shows your professionalism.
  29. Visit local businesses in person with your business card and brochure in hand.
  30. Volunteer for your favorite charity, help someone in need.
  31. Offer your services free, as a prize in a drawing or fundraising events.
  32. Create your “elevator pitch.” Memorize your short “mini-commercial” that clearly describes the benefits and how you can fulfill the needs of your clients.
  33. Listen to what people say. If an opportunity to promote yourself comes up – take it!!
  34. Place a magnetic sign on your car or have a decal made for your back window or bumper.
  35. Stay updated on new technology emerging, contact clients that may benefit.
  36. Write Press Releases about news and upcoming events in your business.
  37. Be prepared, organized, prompt, and confident.
  38. Share your knowledge to help other Virtual Assistants.
  39. Live by the Virtual Assistant code of ethics.
  40. Believe in yourself!

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